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To create an educational animated game for 5-6 year olds. 

In this module I decided to base my game on parts of a plant/flower. I created the visual elements for the game. Graphic design was my favourite part of any project. For the first half of the semester that’s what it was based on. Creating visual assets and wireframes on photoshop for how the pages will look like when I started coding my game. I attended tutorials at university to understand JavaScript and to develop my existing knowledge of html and CSS. Previously I knew coding was challenging so learning more by attending was a vital step for me to produce a decent piece of work. I also used YouTube at times and did research online to help me code. I created 5 pages. (Start page, menu page, study page, drag and drop game and multiple choice quiz). Things I learnt  how to animate on the page and getting feedback when clicking on certain items or by dragging them. Making it function smoothly as the page changes when clicking on buttons. During this module I learnt a lot about the theory on a lot of things and why certain choices are better than others. Looking at the different laws helped me make better decisions when creating my design. Some Laws I looked at were the Fitts’ Law and Don Norman's Law.

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