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Aakifah Bahadur
Young Professional

I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual. A challenge is one of my greatest motivations and I can communicate well at all levels and work effectively both independently and within a group. I am able to adapt easily, especially to any given task and my willingness to learn and improve skills helps me accomplish the task to the highest of standards. Being creative has always been one of my strong points 

During my time on the course I have developed a better understanding of the Creative industry. I have also learnt and developed many skills that are vital in the industry. Some skills are using HTML,CSS AND JAVA Script to create a basic educational game for 5 year olds, Promotional Campaigns, Graphic Design work, Brand Guidelines, 3D Animations using Cinema 4D and Photography. Software's that I have used are adobe applications, Cinema 4D and Visual studio code.



Aakifah Bahadur


Work Experience

May 2021-Present time

September 2018-June 2018

June 2017-June 2017


Retail Assistance 

  • Managing shop floor 

  • Putting stock out

  • Helping with visual merchandising around the store

Student Ambassador 

  • Helping at events such as open days

  • Work as a team 

  • Be confident

Purlwell Infant and Nursery School

Teacher Assistance 

  • Helping young Children (6 year olds) with there work which included English, Maths and Art

  • Supervised Children at break time

  • Was given the responsibility on putting up new displays in the classrooms and corridors. 

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