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This module was part of a group. The brief was to rebrand the brand lipivir theses were the requirements:

Overarching presentation to include the following: Mood boards / Scamps / Ideas / Research Key Visual of new brand look and feel Creative applied across outdoor: Large Format 48 or 96 sheet Digital 6 sheets Digital mall screens Social - (video/animation or still content) Website refresh Creative applied across print: Standard full page press ad

The brand wanted to Increased brand awareness and revenue / sales and  Increased brand recognition in a new market.

I decided to create an app, billboards and a double page that would be seen in a magazine. I used photoshop a lot during this module to create the new look. As a group we had some brand guidelines we followed, we also had a big idea and 3 selling points. Throughout my work I always linked it back to the big idea. Our big idea was about the idea of women having confidence when they have a cold sore. I managed to do this by writing an article about how to stay confident with a cold sore by adding tips also by including imagery to show confident women.  I increased the audience engagement by adding QR codes on the magazine to be entered in the competition through the app. The app was a vital part towards the project. It showed the competition section and is the only way to access that page. Its also easy to used and  fits with the brand. I liked the overall look of this. The magazine is something I changed a lot. I didn’t want to over crowed it. I wanted it to have a neat layout. I wanted my pages to be in a high end magazine as that’s what my target audience would read. This is one reason why I kept it simple and I didn’t overcrowd it with images. Finally the billboards are all part of a series. This is what the brand wanted in there brief. I was able to achieve this by having a cohesive look throughout all 4 of the billboards. I also noticed that billboards are simple and don’t really have much writing on them that. So I stayed with that and created the looks with colour and imagery.

In this module I learnt a lot about what a brand needs such as brand identity, guidelines, a big idea and creative selling points. This helped me create content that the brief required and the primary helped me further improve my ideas.

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